Nike Digital Innovation


Nike Digital Innovation

Digital Consumer Experience

Nike Digital Innovation seeks to identify the emerging needs of consumers through technology and design, best known for introducing the first Nike Running and Training App, the first Nike FuelBand, and early iterations of the Nike App, Nike Fit, NikeConnect, NikeCam, and Nike Adapt.

We developed and launched the first Nike+ Apple Running Watch experience in 2016 (R/GA). Multiple prototypes and proof-of-concept strategies were presented to Mark Parker and Nike Board of Directors throughout.

Hired by Stefan Olander, VP of Digital Innovation in 2017, we continued to explore consumer services for NikeCam, using AI powered image-recognition and NikeConnect for Jerseys and Running shoes, leveraging NFC connectivity. Later, we launched Nike Adapt with Bluetooth connectivity as a platform across all sports in 2019 focusing on manual fit control and smart fit detection.

Areas of focus: Proof-of-Concepts and Prototypes, Product Strategy, Experience and Visual Design, Creative Direction

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